Thursday, 5 April 2018

Structure sorting,searching with array

Define a structure that describes a hotel. It should have members that include the name, address, grade, average room charge and number of rooms.

Write a function to perform the following tasks.

i) To print all hotels details of a given grade in order of charges.
ii) To print hotel details with room charges less than given values.

Solution :
     Program : Structure sorting,searching with array
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#define MAX 10
typedef struct ht
     char name[30];
     char address[40];
     char grade;
     int room;
     int charge;
void input(hotel*,int);
void print(hotel *);
void printbyRate(hotel *,int,int);
void printByGrade(hotel *str,char,int s);
void main()
     int i,opt,rate;
     hotel rec[MAX];
     char ch;
     printf("How many record you want to insert>> ");